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3D Jelly Pen Set (12 Colours)

3D Jelly Pen Set (12 Colours)

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Level up your handwriting, add texture to your craft and DIY projects with this 3D Jelly Pen Set!

These 3D jelly pens are exceptional writing tools that will allow you to add a third dimension to your creative DIY projects.


The water-based gel ink features a special 3D effect leaving a raised ink line. You can use these for handwritten notes, special occasion cards, study notes, and a lot of other things to add a touch of color.


They’re so much fun and easy to use! The ink is odorless, non-toxic and waterproof!


  • 3d Effect in Anything: These pens actually write on paper with a cool, 3D jelly effect that would add a bit of oomph and flavor into everything you write.

  • Glossy Finish. Gel ink pens deliver a consistent medium line to the last stroke and reflective luxury. Adds an energetic zest to any writing, drawing, or doodle distinctly.

  • Smooth Like Butter: The 3D Jelly Pen Set flows like butter on paper. The ink flows very smoothly and surely and does not smudge at all!

  • Versatile Pen: Works on cardboard, plastic, or any smooth surfaces! Create some art with any medium you want to work with! Chemical-proof and fade-resistant, no ink-blotting when dry

  • Comfortable Grip:The 3D Jelly Pen is very comfortable in the hand. These pens are definitely easy to grip and easy to write with as they look and function like any other ballpoint pen
  • Fun Assorted Color. Comes in a set of 12 different brightening colors in a package Perfect to decorate cards and tags, book covers, ornaments, and even more.


  • Material: Ink
  • Size: 14.2cm Length 



  • 12pcs of 3D Jelly Pen
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