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Clean Footprint Stamp

Clean Footprint Stamp

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If you’re a baby scrapbook type of parent, this is the product for you! This pad produces an ink print of your baby’s tiny feet/paws.

Use it as a record of your baby’s journey of growth, blink twice and you might miss your chance of preserving their little handprints or footprints forever!


  • Footprint Stamp

Just one gentle press can capture and reveal the greatest details of your baby's hand and feet.

  • Clean Touch

Isolated layers ensure the baby's foot never touches the ink. Water-based and nontoxic ink

  • Print Kit

Includes one innovative ink pad and two imprint cards. Up to two uses per kit are possible.

  • Wide Application

Perfect for stamping babies or pets’ hands and feet, but not limited to those.

  • Perfect Gift

Makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for expecting moms.



Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Pink


1x Clean Footprint Ink Pad

1x Footprint Card

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