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Faucet To Hose Adapter

Faucet To Hose Adapter

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This Faucet To Hose Adapter will connect a hose to a faucet, locking the hose securely for steady and leakproof water flow. This adapter offers an easy connection. This Faucet To Hose Adapter is full copper body for greater durability and will endure the rigors of everyday use.

Use for quick, easy connections between a hose and faucet; attach the hose and screw the snap fitting to the faucet to complete the connection.


  • Light Relief

Now you can easily bring water to irrigate your flowers on your terrace or veranda with the Faucet To Hose Adapter. Save yourself the heavy carrying of watering cans. Watering is fun again!

  • Bridge the Gap

The Faucet To Hose Adapter can be simply and quickly connected to a kitchen or bathroom tap. A snap is also included to ensure that fastening or unscrewing the hose is as convenient as possible. 

  • Flexible and Versatile

Attach a variety of devices simply and safely with the Faucet To Hose Adapter.

  • Slide It On

Remove the original valve on your faucet and attach the Faucet To Hose Adapter and then the hose securely by screwing down the snap.

  • Premium Quality

Full copper body for extra durability and provides full-flow water capacity.


Color: Gold


1x Faucet To Hose Adapter

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