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FiberGlass™ Silk Nail Extension Set

FiberGlass™ Silk Nail Extension Set

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DIY LONG & ultra-durable nail extension right at home with PRO result!

FiberGlass™ Silk Nail Extension Set adds length to your natural nails with unbreakable strength and high flexibility. Easy to shape and super durable!

Traditional acrylic nail extension can be easy to break due to low flexibility while weakening nails and damaging nail bed with its thick application. No more brittle, slow growing & yellowy nails from now!

The advanced FiberGlass™ nail extension technology delivers strong and feather-light nails by converting silk fiberglass to super durable but flexible fiber nails. 100% gentle on nails with natural looking & enhancement-free feeling!


  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE: Adds length and strength with high flexibility.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Feather-light silk fiber construction & natural looking finish.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply trim, apply and cure to have professional salon-done result. DIY at home with minimal tools and no manicure skills.
  • LONG LASTING: Anti-chipping, lift-proof and scratch-resistant. Lasts up to 30 days with proper nail care.
  • NAIL REPAIR: Extends and repairs thinning & broken nails seamlessly.
  • COST SAVING: Saves up expensive nail salon visits. Each piece of fiberglass is enough for 5 nails. So our set (10PCS) offers you nail extension for 5 times!
  • SAFE ALTERNATIVE: 100% Non-toxic, odorless and gentle on nail beds.


  • It is recommended to use with Fiber Builder Gel for the best result.


  • Trim the fiberglass to desired length.
  • Apply base coat. When base coat is still tacky, put fiberglass on nail surface and cure.
  • Apply fiber builder gel and cure for 1-2 mins to strengthen the extension.
  • (Optional) Cut and shape nails as desired.
  • (Optional) Apply color and top coat for extra styles and better durability.


  • Material (Fiberglass): High Quality Fiberglass
  • Length (Fiberglass): 8 x 4cm /pc
  • Net Content (Fiber Builder Gel): 8ml


  • 1 pack of Nail Extension Silk Fiberglass (10PCS)
  • 1 x Fiber Builder Gel
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