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Glamorous Magnetic Curtain Buckle

Glamorous Magnetic Curtain Buckle

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Use magnetic force to securely hold your curtains wherever you want. Freely clip the magnets to wrap the drapes together or just at certain points.


Use the Glamorous Magnetic Curtain Buckle when you pull up and hold curtains, it can hold the drapes tightly.


  • Freely Adjustable

Use magnet attraction to hold your drapes instead of elastic bands, so you can adjust the level of hold on the curtains freely.

  • Strong Hold

Strong magnetic force to hold onto the drapes, will not get loose overtimes or fall onto the ground.

  • Damage-Free

Hold curtains without attaching to the wall, no tools required and zero assembly. Easy to use without damaging your walls.

  • Aesthetic Choice

Fit the contemporary aesthetic standard and a green sense of lifestyle. Perfect for living room, bedroom, dining room, office, kitchen, restaurant, balcony curtain or outdoor patio draperies.

  • Easy to Store

Simply clip it on the curtains when not in use. Making it easy to store and find.


Color: Gold, Silver


1x Glamorous Magnetic Curtain Buckle

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