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High Pressure Bottle Beverage Spray

High Pressure Bottle Beverage Spray

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Convert any bottle into a gardening spray and feed your plants efficiently High Pressure Bottle Beverage Spray!



  • Easy to use. The nozzle can be connected with any normal size plastic beverage bottle, very convenient to use. Adjust the nozzle by loosening and tightening it to achieve the best performance.
  • Durable and comfortable to use. A slip-resistant handle and lightweight construction make this wand comfortable to use. A good nozzle length for home and garden chores. Long enough to reach hanging baskets but easy to store. 
  • Versatile. The gentle mist can be used for watering containers and hanging baskets, cleaning your things, wash dust and dirt from deck furniture with ease.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 29 X 3 X 4cm
  • Pipe Length: 30cm
  • Color: Yellow & Blue
  • Net Weight: 70g

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