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LashPen™ Adhesive Lash Liner Kit

LashPen™ Adhesive Lash Liner Kit

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Zero Messy Glue. Zero Magnets. All Day glamorous lashes with this FabLash Mess-free Eyelash Kit!


This Eye Lash Kit is an innovative and unique makeup tool that will change the way you apply your falsies with ease. 


This reusable kit contains an adhesive eyeliner that ensures effortless false lashes application without the use of any glue and magnets.


Made from lightweight synthetic fiber, this kit delivers volume that gives your eyes a wispy look the easy way!


  • Mess-free Eyelash. Comes with a mess-free adhesive liner providing you the perfect eye line, this eye lash kit is a game-changer for eyelash application.

  • Easy Application. Adhesive eyeliner to stay you away from the lash glue, just simply draw an eye line, put on lashes, and done!

  • Natural Looking Flasies. Looks no difference from your own lashes, volumizing yours in a natural way. Provides a thicker, longer, gorgeous natural look eyelashes.

  • Black or Clear: You can have black eye line conveniently with black one, or if you’re a beginner, clear one would be the best for you as it can’t be seen even if you failed!

  • Comfortable and Reusable.Made of top-quality fiber silk to make them light, soft and comfortable. Each pair is reusable up to 90 times!

  • Trimmable with Strong Adhesion. Match your eye shape perfectly as you can trim ends to have the perfect pair. Holds firmly on your eyelids, won’t fall off under any weather.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS, Stainless Steel
  • Eyeliner Color: Black, Clear

Style: Natural, Classic, Glam, Fluffy 


1 x LashPen™ Adhesive Lash Liner Kit

  • 1x Adhesive Eyeliner
  • 1 Pair x Volumizing Lashes
  • 1x Carrying Case
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