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LED Glasses Magnifier

LED Glasses Magnifier

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Power up your eye sight with these glasses magnifier!

LED Glasses Magnifier is a wearable magnifier to inspect items with up to 23X magnification, equipped with adjustable LED lights & interchangeable lenses. Comfortable & DIY projects must-have!

Developed with 8X, 15X and 23X lenses, this powerful magnifier enlarges the tiniest details and brings HD clarity to you effortlessly.

The 2 adjustable LED lights enhance viewing under different light environment. Perfect for mechanical processing, electronic timepiece repair, beauticians, miniature engraving as well as general reading aid!

HANDS-FREE MAGNIFIER: See your work pieces or text magnified up to 350% original size with high clarity & hands-free application.

LED LIGHTS: 2 super-bright LED lights - powered by 6 button batteries included - to enhance viewing for long hours.
3 INTERCHANGEABLE LENS: Offers 3 levels of magnifications for different projects’ needs. Eliminates visual fatigue by switching lenses to improve work efficiency.

COMFORTABLE: Detachable Bracket and Headband with comfortable eyeglass frame to ensure tight wearing and reduce fatigue for long time use.
WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal for watchmakers, dentists, electricians, modelers, hobbyists, crafts workers. Various lenses for mechanical processing, beauty & makeup, jewelry appraisal, clock repair, and miniature engraving, etc.

Material: ABS+Acrylic Optical Lens + Golden Accessories
Product Magnification: 8x ,15x ,23x

1 x LED Glasses Magnifier 

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