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Light & Portable Phone Screen Magnifier

Light & Portable Phone Screen Magnifier

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No TV but wanna netflix and chill? Get this phone stand.


A magnifying phone stand for mobile that enlarges your mobile screen onto the bigger screen, for a hands-free cinema-viewing experience.


  • Screen Magnifier

Enlarges your smartphone display 2 to 4 times to make it easier to watch movies, videos or news on your phone.

  • Portable

Foldable protective case for easy carrying around and storage. 

  • Hands Free

Provides a stand for your phone, needless for your hands to hold the phone for the entire time of watching.

  • Easy to Use

No batteries, USB or bluetooth needed. Simply place your phone behind the magnifying glass to achieve better motion enjoyment.

  • Universal Fit

Compatible with smart phones of all sizes, suitable for all various occasions - indoor, camping, journey, leisure etc.


Size: 10inch / 12inch

Color: Black, White, Red


1x Light & Portable Phone Screen Magnifier

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