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Magnetic Metal Fittings Wristband

Magnetic Metal Fittings Wristband

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This is an accessory that we're completely OBSESSED with. It's practical and it looks good! No matter what type of crafter you are, you're likely working with small metal tools that can slip out of your hand and get lost. To the rescue is this awesome magnetic wristband that keeps your needle, stitch marker, jump rings, screws, tweezers, etc in place and for easy access.


Magnetic Metal Fittings Wristband features rare earth magnets powerful enough to keep your wire nuts, screws, bits, nails and other small parts nearby. No more losing small parts or going back to your tool bag for more. 

This premium wristband is made with high quality nylon material, and is tough enough to stand up to use, yet comfortable enough to stay close to your skin with a breathable mesh interior. The magnetic wristband is contoured with an adjustable velcro closure to fit most wrist sizes comfortably. It will also fit around a belt or tool bag to always keep your small parts handy.


Strong rare earth magnets keep small parts close at hand

Breathable mesh interior for comfort

Made of durable nylon material

Fits most wrist sizes

Secure adjustable velcro closure

Contoured for a comfortable fit around the wrist

Wrap around your wrist, belt, or tool bag and keep small parts easily within reach


Size: 10*46cm

Magnets: 9

Color: Blue, Orange, Yellow


1x Magnetic Metal Fittings Wristband

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