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Microwave Bacon Rack

Microwave Bacon Rack

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THE BEST WAY TO COOK BACON. Cook up bacon faster than ever with the Microwave Bacon Rack that allows you to prepare bacon like never before!


  • Perfectly cooked bacon. This brilliant new Microwave Bacon Rack takes care of all the leg-work of cooking bacon, leaving you with nothing but perfectly cooked crispy bacon in mere minutes. 

  • Easy to use. It cooks the bacon in the air and not in the fat. Simply hang the bacon over the bars, place one sheet of roller towel over the bacon, and into the microwave.
  • No flipping needed. This cooks your bacon perfectly even without having to even flip the bacon through the cooking process which takes around 5 minutes, and afterward, you'll just need to clean out the tray and wipe down the surfaces!
  • A healthier alternative to cooking bacon. Since this bacon rack hangs the bacon strips instead of laying them flat, it can reduce the oils by up to 35%. It can help you achieve a crispier bacon texture as well. Since the oil can’t soak the bacon strips, it can dry faster which can make it crispier.
  • Less messy. Cooking bacon can be kind of a mess, not to mention the grease splatter that inevitably gets onto your cook-top, counters, and even floors. This prevents those things as this has a pan on the bottom where all the fats and oils that will drip from the meat will be collected. 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Quantity:1 x bacon rack
  • Package Size: 23 x 16 x 3.5cm


  • 1 x  Microwave Bacon Rack 

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