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Mobile to TV HDMI Adapter

Mobile to TV HDMI Adapter

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A smart TV with bluetooth and WiFi is no longer necessary to watch TV through your phone screen. Sync your phone screen to your TV or projector with audio instantly with this HDMI cable.

High resolution display with well defined audio. Perfect for movies, video games, presentations and so on.


  • Magnified Visuals

Turn your home into a theater with this HDMI cable, play anything on your phone and sync your screen with any TV.

  • HD 1080P Display

Display anything, videos, pictures or even presentation slides with high resolution up to HD 1080P for your maximum visual pleasure.

  • Audio

Sync the visuals perfectly with audio simultaneously with well-defined audio output through your machine’s speakers.

  • Charger Included

Comes three connectors to choose from: Lightning/Micro USB/Type-C, HDMI and USB head, so you can charge your phone while being synced.

  • Money Saver

A much cheaper alternative than getting a Smart TV, save yourself hundreds of dollars with this HDMI cable to sync your screens.


Cable Length: 2M

Color: Red, White, White

Connector: Lightning/Micro USB/Type-C


1x iPhone to TV HDMI Cable


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