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Multipurpose Car Foam Cleaner

Multipurpose Car Foam Cleaner

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Applied advanced Foam Expansion technology, Multipurpose Car Foam Cleaner effectively cleans and protects all interior surfaces like car engines, steering wheels, dashboards, door panels, etc. quickly and easily with rich cleaning foam in just 2 steps – spray & wipe with no trace found.
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All the stains will be cleaned in a flash, and no toxin or grease will be left so it will never hurt the surface of your car interior.
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It would leave a thin and transparent coating against UV light, dirt, fading and discoloration which keep your car flawless and polished up to 3 months.

It also works well on all kinds of surfaces including leather, fabric, vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, metal and you name it!

  • Keep Your Car Interior Clean
  • Fast to Clean Away Stain, Dirt, Ash, Mold, Blemish etc.
  • Rinse-free with Rich Foam
  • No Mark/Trace will be left after cleaning
  • No Toxic, Grease & Odor
  • UV & dirt resistant coating
  • Last for 2-3 months after every usage
  • Work on all kind of surfaces: leather, fabric, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metal

1pc x Multipurpose Car Foam Cleaner ( 30/100/250mL)
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