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naillie™ Peel Off Nail Tape

naillie™ Peel Off Nail Tape

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Nail Polish Protector for Finger

Create the perfect barrier that protect your skin from nail polish irritation. 

Just ONE PEEL, getting unwanted polish stain off your fingers. Solution to nail polish overflow. 

Quick Drying. Simply apply on skin, quickly dry and forming a transparent protective coat around the finger nails. 

Safe for skin. No strong smell, no irritation or harmful ingredients. 

Act as precaution for dry and chapped skin resulted from repeated harms by chemicals in nail polish. 

Make DIY nail art easy and effective. 

How To Apply: 

Simply apply to skin around finger nails. A protective coat is formed as the liquid dry. Peel off the coat after nail art application. 


  • Net Volume: 15 ml 
  • Shelf Life: 2 years 


Peel Off Nail Tape x 1 

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