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Outdoor Camping Canopy Hook

Outdoor Camping Canopy Hook

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The story of the wind blowing off the tarp is no longer staged!

The tooth-shaped interface and the spiral buckle design of the Outdoor Camping Canopy Hook are designed for resisting heavy rain, strong wind and heavy duty.

Thanks to its strong holding power, it can not only hold the camping lamp, but it also can be used in camping tent, boat covers and more!


  • Unique Locking Clamp - The interface of the clips is tooth-shaped, and the spiral buckle design can maximally clamps the tarpaulin without worrying about a dropped issue.
  • Waterproof and Windproof - After securing the tent with a tarpaulin, you can anchor immediately from the ground, and it can withstand strong winds and does not have puddles after the heavy rain.
  • Durable Material - tarpaulin clips made of durable PA material, very tough and strong.
  • Easy to Use - Grasp the edge of the tarpaulin, squeeze the jaws, and screw in to grip. Finally, use the bungee cord to secure it in place.
  • Wide application - Due to their strong holding power, the clips can be used in awnings, caravans, camping tent, sticks, boat covers and are suitable for outdoor camping, sailing or picnics.


Material: ABS
Size: approx. 8 x 2.5 x 2.6 cm
Color: Yellow / Black / Red / Green/ Neon Green / Blue / Brown
Hole diameter: 1.2 cm
Package includes: 1 * Outdoor Camping Canopy Hook / 4 * Outdoor Camping Canopy Hook

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