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Popcorn Silicone Popper

Popcorn Silicone Popper

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No more single used bags in making your popcorns with this Popcorn Silicone Popper!


The microwave popcorn maker requires no butter, oil or seasoning. In addition to eating healthier, you will save money from not using bagged popcorn.


Designed with lid flaps that can be easily closed and popped open when the popcorn is done and reaches the top of the maker. It's made from high-quality, heat-resistant silicone, so it won't melt with the high temperatures in the microwave!


  • EASY POPCCORN MAKING. These single serving popcorn buckets allow you to make just 1, 2 or as many servings of popcorn as you want, whether it’s for just you, friends, or family!

  • HEALTHY SNACKS. No more worries about what's in your popcorn bowl! YOU decide what you want on it unlike popcorn bags that are filled with artificial & unwanted ingredients. 

  • NO MORE BAGGED POP CORN. Using this popcorn maker bowl saves your wallet, your health and the planet! 

  • EASY CLOSING LID. This design allows you to close the buckets for popping without a lid and it will automatically open when your popcorn is done!


  • STACKABLE FOR EASY STORAGE. Once you are done, they nest perfectly together for easy storage. Even when you have multiple sets!


  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANT. Made from high quality food grade silicone that can withstand Microwave high temperature.


  1. Add Kernels
  2. Close Lid & Microwave
  3. Lid Pops Up When Ready


  • Materials: Food Grade Silicone
  • Dimension: 4.02 x 4.02 x 5.71 inches
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Royal blue
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