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QuickFix Leather Repair Gel

QuickFix Leather Repair Gel

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Fix Any Leather Damages In Second!

The innovative repair gel will restore your damaged leather seat, along with other leather goods back to their original, glory looks!


Formulated with revolutionary ingredients that provide future protection for the leather and prevent oxidation and other damages. Easy to use with a simple wipe, repair all leather with ease!

Perfect for use on any leather item, from furniture and car seats to jackets, accessories and shoes. Extend your leather items’ life by revitalizing them!


  • Leather Repair

This product fills cavities. It durably repairs any leather, without hardening it, from cat or dog scratches, scrapes, cracks, cuts, etc.

  • Easy to Use

Everyone can do it - just swipe and wait!

  • Perfect Finish

Offer a glossy protective barrier to avoid future damages: oxidation, scratches, cuts, cavities, discoloration and so on!

  • Back to Life

The protective barrier will stay and guard your leather items up to three whole years.

  • Safe for All Leather Items
  • Wide Applications

Furniture, auto interiors, shoes, purses, briefcases, equestrian leather and much more!


Apply the repair gel on the damaged leather surface and spread the gel evenly.

Use a dryer or wait until the application is dry.

Polish or color it according to your needs.


Weight: 20ml

Color: Black, Chocolate Brown, Burgundy, White, Blue, Tan, Red, Yellow


1 x QuickFix Leather Repair Gel

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