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Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheets

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Sheet magnet sticks to metals strongly and securely. A versatile and flexible aid when it comes to storage and displaying items.


These magnetic sheets are great for classrooms, offices and homes.


  • Adhesive Back

Self adhesive back for easy fixing on a wide range of items.  Simply peel off the backing sheet and apply it to the wall, window, locker, machinery etc.

  • Damage-Free

Can be peeled off without leaving a residue or marks.

  • Easy Access

Stick easily on any surface, perfect for kitchen, offices and so on. Whenever you need something, it’s right there!

  • Secure Storage

The magnetic design provides a strong and secure strong to keep things in place, ideal for your sockets outlets, storage rack, decorations and so much more!


Size: 3.5CM / 10 * 3.5CM


2x Self Adhesive Magnetic Strip

4x  Magnetic Round Sheets

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