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SpeedDry™ Portable LED Nail Lamp

SpeedDry™ Portable LED Nail Lamp

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DIY gel nails anywhere you want!

SpeedDry™ Portable LED Nail Lamp dries all kinds of nail gels with a rapid curing time, thanks to the advanced dual light sources and angled light emission design. Compact, powerful and easy to use. 

Equipped with upgraded dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm), it dries any UV or LED nail polishes at high speed with 2 timing presets of 30 and 60 seconds. Easy to use with a single button. 

The compact design makes it portable and convenient to use anywhere, powered by USB cable connected with a power bank or any power source. 


  • FAST DRYING: Strong LED lamp beads for extra fast drying time of 30s.
  • DUAL LIGHT SOURCES: Dries all kinds of nail gels with the dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm).
  • PORTABLE: Portable mini size to use anywhere and easy to put in your makeup bag, handbag even in a wallet.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply press on the button for curing for 30s, second press for 60s.
  • USB POWERED: Powered by USB cable source to with a portable power bank or even a laptop.
  • SAFE TO USE: No harm to eyes and skin and safe to use.
  • LONG SERVICE TIME: Works for 10000hrs lifetime. Ideal for beginners and professional use. 

 Size: 60 x 48 x 47mm
 Material: PC/ABS
 Input: DC5V/1A
 Power: 6W

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