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Stain Remover Griddle Brick

Stain Remover Griddle Brick

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Grab the Stain Remover Griddle Brick for a quick, non-toxic flat surface grill cleaner.

The pumice stone surface provides great tough stains removal effect yet using a soft abrasive that won't leave behind metal splinters like wire brushes or steel wool.

The Griddle Brick do not contain any harmful or flammable chemicals, so they're safe to use on hot grill surfaces.

Remove Tough Stains - Perfect cleaning tool for your dirty old kitchenware removing encrusted greases, stains, residues and dirt
Clean Quickly - Clean your grills and other kitchen tools in just a minute with this stain remover.
Reusable & Sanitary - The non-toxic pumice doesn’t absorb any removed stains and dirt leaving it clean and sanitary.
100% Ecological Material - Made with pumice stone this is odorless and nontoxic
Wide Application - Great cleaning product for kitchen appliances and utensils.
Easy to use - Apply the flat surface of the cleaning brick to the grill with light pressure to remove residue, and rinse the surface with a little water before

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1x Stain Remover Griddle Brick /
3x Stain Remover Griddle Brick /
5x Stain Remover Griddle Brick

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