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SugarMist™ Cake Manual Airspray

SugarMist™ Cake Manual Airspray

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Bring your cake decorating experience on a whole new level with this SugarMist™ Cake Manual Airspray!

This cake air spray allows you to create fun and dazzling pastry desserts!

The handy decorating tool lets you quickly and easily apply paint and glitter to cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and other desserts. It gives you full control over pressure with which your spray is applied. Perfect for beginner cake decorators and seasoned professionals.


  • DECORATE CAKES LIKE A PRO. This Cake Air Spray set allows you to easily create delicious and Eye-catching pastry desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and more!

  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE. Made from food-grade material, this manual spray gun allows you to fully control the spraying pressure for a more efficient cake decorating.

  • MESS-FREE CAKE DECORATING. Features an interlocking system that securely fixes the tube to the pump to ensure that paint or glitter won’t leak.

  • CLEAR CANISTER. With transparent cake spray tube, you can see the color and remaining amount of the mixture for a smooth cake decorating experience.

  • FOR BEGINNERS AND PRO. Perfect for large baked jobs or tiny detailing. User-friendly Airbrush pump that is lightweight and very convenient to use. 

  • WIDE APPLICATION. Contains a pump sprayer and four scale bottles. Suitable for all kinds of pastries. Great for blending, shading, and 3D effects.


  • Material: Food-grade Plastic
  • Dimension
    Airbrush Pump: 9.68 * 5.12 in
    Transparent Vial: 3.2 * 1.18 in


  • 1 X SugarMist™ Cake Manual Airspray

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