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Tactical Supply Armory Shorts (3 Colors)

Tactical Supply Armory Shorts (3 Colors)

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For weather that is too hot for tactical pants, the Full Metal Tactical Armory Shorts offer functional utility with a lightweight build. The polyester/cotton ripstop material is durable enough for tactical operations, but also comfortable and nonrestrictive. The gusseted crotch is reinforced for stability and the elastic waistband flexes with you when bending, kneeling, running or performing strenuous actions. There are two side pockets with reinforced bridges at the bottom, specifically designed to secure a tactical knife. We've designed for it to be high-density waterproof and incredibly durable. It resists snagging, abrasion, and tearing season after season.

Our unique odor control tech permanently protects you from smelling like Army Barracks. While sweat is odorless, the bacteria that it produces is not - just ask the people around you. Our materials are engineered to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you can do more and wash less.

Material: Reinforced polyester
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