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Tactical Supply Remington Field Coat (2 Designs)

Tactical Supply Remington Field Coat (2 Designs)

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Designed with serviceability as the goal, the Full Metal Tactical Remington Field Coat will keep you warm and dry. Thanks to its windproof and waterproof outer shell, this jacket will keep you protected from the winds and rain while the soft breathable fleece liner wicks away any moisture to maintain the highest level of comfort. Loaded with storage options and the ability for patch attachments, this jacket is sure to exceed your expectations.

The coat is manufactured with a windproof and waterproof polyester exterior while the interior is lined with a breathable fleece that wicks moisture. Zipper controlled underarm vents allows you to decide level of ventilation needed while adjustable cuffs give you the the choice of it.

This jacket resists snagging, abrasion, and tearing season after season.

Our unique odor control tech permanently protects you from smelling like Army Barracks. While sweat is odorless, the bacteria that it produces is not - just ask the people around you. Our materials are engineered to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you can do more and wash less.

Material: Reinforced polyester and cotton

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