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Tactical Supply Ultra Zoom Binoculars

Tactical Supply Ultra Zoom Binoculars

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The Full Metal Tactical Ultra Zoom Binoculars are not only incredibly portable, but also powerful. Recognized as the most powerful binoculars for its size and weight, these binoculars allow you to take a closer look at the amazing world around you and comes equipped with waterproof and fogproof protection. Enjoy distant wild life, sporting events, or examining your next kill. Our proprietary lenses are designed to ensure easy focus even while your target objects are on the move. These lenses also guarantee extraordinary clarity and color quality.

Furthermore, the multi-coated optics reduce light loss and glare, delivering crisp views with superior sharpness and contrast. Nitrogen-filled, O-Ring sealing provide safeguards against fog, raindrops, and dust - enabling for reliable performance in any environment.

These binoculars are 30x60 magnification or 30X perfect human vision. These binoculars are equipped for low-light, night vision viewing.

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