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Thumbs Up Lazy Phone Holder (2 PCS)

Thumbs Up Lazy Phone Holder (2 PCS)

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There’s a good chance you are reading this on a smartphone right now. If this is the case, ask yourself how easy it would be, if you aren’t already, to start using your phone hands-free.


The Thumbs Up uses a wrap-around design to stretch hold your phone both vertically and horizontally


  • Phone Holder

The Thumbs Up is designed with 2 hands with a thumbs up to hold your phone in the most creative and fun way possible.

  • High Compatibility

Made of stretchable silicone to wrap devices of all sizes, making sure everyone gets to use their phones HANDS FREE.

  • Versatile Viewing Angle

Accommodate both vertical and horizontal viewing, can adjust the viewing angle by sliding the holder up and down.

  • Premium Quality

Made of industrial-grade soft silicone to hold your phone securely without scratching your phone or your case.

  • Portable Design

Unlike bulky bracket/folding types of phone holder, the Thumbs Up sizes only 11.5cm, perfectly fits into your pockets.


Color: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple

Size: 11.5cm*9.5cm*5cm


2x Thumbs Up Lazy Phone Holder

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