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TipGrip™ Magnet Sleeve

TipGrip™ Magnet Sleeve

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This tool probably needs no explanation – one look at the photo tells you how useful it can be in countless situations. 


It places a small but strong rare-earth magnet right near your fingertip to help hold onto a nut, bolt or other tiny ferrous object in a tricky spot.


Made of polyester with stretch nylon side panels that permit a snug fit on almost anyone’s finger. A true problem solver.


  • Power at Your Fingertips

A powerful magnet embedded at the pad of your fingertip allows you to hold any small ferrous metal objects with precise control.

  • Helpful Tool

Complete tasks effortlessly, such as safely holding a nail in place or positioning a screw.

  • Secure Control

Innovative tool ideal for use in tight spots and those hard to reach places while you are working on a task to avoid fumbling around blindly for dropped screws, nuts, bolts, and washers.

  • Wide Applications

For a wide range of projects around the house or workplace. Great for automotive, mechanical, & watercraft maintenance; home improvements/repairs, motorcycle and so on!

  • For Everyone

Fits male and female hands, large and small. Great gift for any occasion for the technician or mechanic in your life.


Size: 4.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches

Color: Gray


1x TipGrip™ Magnet Sleeve

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