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Tug-O-War Pet Chew Toy

Tug-O-War Pet Chew Toy

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Reduce behavioral problem & boredom while cleaning your pet’s teeth!

Tug-O-War Pet Chew Toy is a chewable toy consisting of a strong suction cup and a rubber bouncy ball which can generate huge force on the floor or glass. Let your dog entertain itself for hours alone!

The sturdy rope is made of high-density material that won't break and hurt your dog. And all the material of the toy is safe and harmless to your pets.

Designed with a 360° textured surface, the chewable toy cleans teeth & removes the plaque & tartar, maintaining healthy oral condition with freshened breath.


  • Entertains pet alone & trains pet concentration
  • Strong & damage-resistant to last long

  • Powerful suction against movement by pet force
  • 360° Teeth Cleaning surface to remove plague & food residues
  • Reduces behavioral problems such as chewing & destroying furniture
  • 100% Safe and Durable with strict quality testing
  • Color: Green, Red, Blue
  • Material: Food Grade TPR Rubber
  • Size: 40*10CM


  • 1PC X Tug-O-War Pet Chew Toy
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