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Wall Display Hole Board Storage

Wall Display Hole Board Storage

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These Wall Display Hole Board Storage fix firmly to the wall and provides the freedom of choice to freely install trays and hooks to easily hang your items.


The minimalist Wall Display Hole Board Storage is perfect for anywhere around the house: bathroom, kitchen, study, bedroom and so on!


  • Wall Storage

Save space in your drawers and cabinets by hanging your items on the wall with the Wall Display Hole Board Storage.

  • Versatile Assembling

Freely install trays and hooks on the hold board to organize your essentials items neatly.

  • Secure on Wall

The quality is great and, despite being a no-drill piece, it fits securely in place and stays very sturdy. 

  • Easy Installation

Self-adhesive back that will only take a minute to install.

  • Minimalistic Design

Comes with a range of refreshing colors to blend into your interior perfectly and add a tone of class and ease.


Size: S: 42*30CM, L: 21*30CM

Color: Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, White, Grey


1x Wall Display Hole Board Storage OR Tray OR Box OR 5x Hooks

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