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Wood Carving Hook Tools Set

Wood Carving Hook Tools Set

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This great set of 3 knives is intended for cutting out spoons, bowls, kuksa and other small products. The set has all the necessary tools to cut and carve hardwood on its own. 


Blades are made of 

65 High manganese steel

Using a premium carbon steel blade will make your projects easier and faster.

Engomical hardwood handle with steel blades to ensure sharpness, durability and comfort when you work on your woodcarving.

The set for woodcarving has a large whittling knife, thin delicate knife, and hook knife. This set will go for a perfect gift for people who are keen on woodcarving.

Hook Knife

The hook knife blade is curved, for working in hollows with ease and fast stock removal. Hook knife is suitable for spoons, bowls, cups, Kuksa carving, and any round edge carving.

Whittling Knife

Whittling knife is a general purpose carving knife is suitable for wood carving, whittling and roughing wood out.

Detail Knife

Detail knife has a very fine point for making the very narrow cuts associated with detailing, is suitable for delicate wood cutting and really small details.

Easy to carry and store with the equipped roll-up storage bag that holds 5 - 6 of your favourite carving tools. 

Product Specifications

Materials: 65 High manganese steel, Hardwood


Hook Knife
Total length - 16.2 cm

Blade length - 5.7 cm

Handle length - 10.5 cm

Whittling Knife

Total length - 16.2 cm

Blade length - 5.9 cm

Handle length - 10.3 cm

Detail Knife

Total length - 17.2 cm

Blade length - 4.5 cm

Handle length - 12.7 cm


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