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3D Chocolate Egg Mold Set

3D Chocolate Egg Mold Set

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Create your own chocolate egg bath bombs with this 3D Chocolate Egg Mold Set!


This mold set enables you to prepare egg shaped desserts and elegant monoportions. It perfectly molds chocolate into the perfect egg shape, with a hollow center for creating different surprises.


The non-stick surface allows you to effortlessly demold your chocolate creations. Simply use clamps for a tight lock without leakage. It’s durably made from premium food-grade materials for unlimited reuse.



  • Perfect Chocolate Egg. Allows you to create your own chocolate eggs as sweet treats for your family.

  • Non-Stick Surface. Its non-stick surface and separating tabs allow for easy demolding without breaking.

  • Wide Application. Use to create eye-catching individual plated desserts, such as mousse cakes, frozen ice cream and gelatin desserts.

  • Food-Grade Material. Uses food-grade polycarbonate guaranteed to be non-toxic, BPA-free and FDA-approved. It’s thicker, stronger and durable. 
  • Reusable and Durable. It’s reusable and durable for long lasting usage.




3D Chocolate Egg Mold Set x 1pc

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