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Automatic Sensor Door Closer

Automatic Sensor Door Closer

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Annoyed when people coming in and out and forget to close the door? Keep your doors closed effortlessly with the Automatic Sensor Door Closer! This device automatically closes the door as soon as you get in and out. 


  • Automatic door closing. This will make your door automatically close after you go in and out of a room. This is a very convenient tool to install as you can save effort by closing the door behind you. 

  • Prevents door smashing. Whether it’s for doors slamming shut or doors being swept by the wind and bang against the wall, this got you covered. This sense when the door is just a few inches of slamming and gently slows it.

  • Save your mood, time, and effort. With this in place, you can save time and effort in closing the door manually at all times. You can also save your mood by not being annoyed by it. 

  • Carrying your grocery bags? This will assist you. This is also helpful if you are carrying things with your both hand as you can just push the door using your body and the door will also close after you go inside or outside.
  • Quick & easy to install. This doesn’t require any complex instructions to install, no need to grind and screw. It comes with a 3M strong adhesive that delivers a firm and stable hold and won’t damage your walls.

  • Perfect for home or establishments. Suitable for doors, or doors with a slightly stronger closing force. Doors that open left and right, wooden and metal doors, residential and commercial doors, exterior/inner door closers, fire doors.


Material: ABS

Product Weight: 220

Product Size (L x W x H): 6.3 x 6.3 x 1.6CM

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