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Fake Layering Bottom Shirt

Fake Layering Bottom Shirt

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Say goodbye to pulling, tucking, and adjusting the combo to keep everything smooth while hiding some muffin top with this Thermal Fake Layering Bottom Shirt!

This fake layering bottom shirt allows you to create decent or pop styles with the illusion of layered shirts.


Adjust the level to fit your outer shirts, sweaters or hoodies. This will keep your belly warm but avoid getting sweat from underarms by over-layered sweaters. 

You can also wear them in summer time as the tube top or skirt!


  • Stylish Winter Layering. This fake layering shirt gives the illusion of layered shirts. Easily adjust the level to fit your outer outfit.

  • Breathable and Partly Thermal. Keep belly warm but avoid getting sweat from underarms, chests, neck and arms byover-layered sweaters.  

  • Versatile Styles. Available in white, gray and black to easily match up your sweaters, blazers, cardigans, hoodies etc. Convenient and stylish in any season from spring to winter. 

  • Style for all Season. Not only winter layering, you can wear them in summer time as the tube top or skirt!
  • Comfy Outfit. Provide 3 sizes with elastic rubber band which can flexibly fit different sizes of waistwithout stressful wearing experience.
  • Premium Material. Made ofdurable, high quality cotton allows to wear over 4 years with proper usage.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black, White, Grey
  • Size:S, M, L, XL


  • 1 or 2 x Fake Layering Bottom Shirt
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