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Glitter Extension Gel

Glitter Extension Gel

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This glamorous Glitter Extension Gel will spruce up your beauty look! A great way to add length without the commitment and long application time.


  • All in one formula. This Nail Kit is an all-in-one formula to get salon-quality shimmering nails right at the comfort of your home.

  • High quality and no odor. The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color, as well as combing acrylic powder for strength to create strong, flexible, feather-light nails without any unpleasant odor.

  • Pigmented and will make your nails sparkle. Highly pigmented glitter to make your manicure sparkle, and create shimmering, eye-catching nails for all seasons and occasions.

  • Easy to use. Just apply and cure. Easy as 2 steps to get the perfect nail extension, saving money and time at the nail salon. Unlimited playtime, zero hassle.
  • Long-lasting and Durable. With proper application and nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning), the glitter extension gel can last up to about one month or even longer. Apply nail dehydrator and primer for better adhesion to make the poly nail gel last longer.


  • 1 x Glitter Extension Gel (30ml)

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