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Retractable Car Windshield Cover

Retractable Car Windshield Cover

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Is your car often exposed to the sun, or does it smell bad when you open the door in summer? This car sun visor is the solution!

Car Retractable Windshield Cover protects your car interior from harsh UV rays and unbearable heat with easy installation. 

Constructed with high-density polyester anti-UV fabric, it blocks 99.5% of the harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the sun heat energy.

The easy-to-install and retractable features ensure hassle-free usage and universal fit to most cars. No more burns on steering wheel and steaming hot air in car! Save money with lower energy cost now.
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  • EXCELLENT UV PROTECTION: Block out 99.5% of harsh UV rays to better preserve the car interior from sun damage.
  • COOLER TEMPERATURE: Reflect sun heat to avoid over heating especially on metal parts.
  • RETRACTABLE DESIGN: Expand in seconds and retract for storage with ease.
  • SUPER SUCTION: Secure and firm fixing with strong holding power over 20 pounds.
  • ENERGY SAVER: Lower energy cost and save the environment.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: High density polyester fabric with aluminum foil for full protection. Compact to use.


  • Size: 46cm



  • Car Retractable Windshield Cover

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