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SalonCurl™ Hair Curling Diffuser

SalonCurl™ Hair Curling Diffuser

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Create beautiful, full, bouncy curls in second with this SalonCurl™ Hair Curling Diffuser!


This hair diffuser spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair simultaneously in seconds!


 Unlike curling irons and hot rollers that damage your hair, this Hair Curl Diffuser is safe and healthier for your hair! A hair dryer and curler all in one! 


It attaches perfectly to most standard and professional hair dryers!



  • INSTANT VOLUMIZED HAIR. This hair diffuser provides a tangle-free, ultra-soft wavy curls in a snap by just hair blowing your hair!

  • HAIR CURL DIFFUSER. Specially designed to create a variety of curls just by blow drying the hair. it has a cylinder tube that is used for wind heating to naturally and instantly curl your hair. 

  • SAFE FOR YOUR HAIR. This diffuser is your safer alternative to heat curling, as it uses just air to create natural waves and curls. No hair burning, no long waiting!

  • ADJUSTABLE WIND DIRECTION. Built-in direction adjustment valve allows you to freely adjust the inner roll, outer roll and hair curl and 30 seconds instant curls.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT. This hair diffuser corresponds to most model or a brand of hair dryer with 5.5 cm/2.17-inch Hair Dryer Caliber and blower!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS. The cylinder is made of high temp-resistant PP material that is durable and tough for long use.  Perfectly works for thin or thick and even dyed hair.


  1. Wash hair, partially dry and apply a thermal spray.
  2. Put wind spin diffuser on blow dryer.
  3. Put sections of hair in the wind spin diffuser, turn on blow dryer low to moderate heat.
  4. Move Diffuser up and down on hair section for a approx. 15 seconds then repeat on all sections of hair you want curled.


  • Size: 21 x 16.5 x 6.3 cm
  • Material: Plastic + Rubber 


  • 1 x SalonCurl™ Hair Curling Diffuser
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